Q: I ordered clear acrylic and received blue. 

A: We place a blue protective covering on all of our products so that they arrive in pristine conditions during the shipping process. 


Q: How to buy a product and select the variants?

A: Using our website app you choose your blanks sides, material finished and package, watch the tutorial in order to buy a product.


Q: How can I take the blue plastic off?

A: Using a razor blade, lift one corner of the acrylic very carefully as to not scratch the surface and simply peel off the lifted plastic. 


Q: How long does it take for my order to ship?
A: Once an order is placed, it is shipped within 24 hours. 


Q: How long will my order take to arrive?
A: We use priority shipping which normally takes 2-5 days. 


Q: Can I place a custom order?
A: We can make any shape, size, thickness and color design that you would like!


Q: Can I combine designs?
A: Absolutely, just let us know which designs you are interested in, and we'll make a custom package for you. 


Q: What is the minimum for an order?
A: Our minimum for orders is 25 units. 


Q: Why am I getting an email with a  link to download.svg files ?

A : Once you purchase our products, you will receive and automatic email with a downloadable link for.svg files. The SGV files are digital files in the shape of the acrylic you purchased in the event you want to do monograms /vinyls over top of the acrylic. These files are used in different vinyl cutting machines such as Silhouette or Circuit. 


Q: How I can buy a custom product using my on SGV Design for the shape and engrave it at the same time?

A : You can use our customization tool in order to send us your own designs, and we cut it according to the specifications, you can also send us a SGV or photographs to engrave or print in UV.  


Q: How I can custom a product using a photograph of the shape?

 A : You can use photograph if you don't have any SGV, just be sure to send us a clear image and fit the engraving or impression where you want it.